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The options available in kitchen countertops today can be overwhelming.  There are hundred of different materials, styles and designs to choose from.  For many homeowners, the choice of which option to choose is determined by the price that the homeowner will need to pay for the countertop.  There are countertop styles available for any type of budget and the cost of countertops depends on a number of factors.  By taking the time to research the various types of countertops that are available, the homeowner is sure to find a style that is right for them.

ImageThe typical way to price the materials used to create kitchen countertops is by square foot.  The more expensive the materials used to create the countertop are, the higher the price per square foot will be.  The price that the homeowner will pay for the completed countertop will also vary by how heavy the materials used to create the countertop are.  Countertops made out of tile will be much less expensive than countertops created from slabs of stone.  The edging of the countertop, the number of holes that need to be placed into the countertop, and the intricacy of placing the countertop into the desired area will also affect the final cost of countertops chosen.  These items are all important to remember if the homeowner is working within a budget and wants to get the best countertop for the money spent.

There are several types of natural stone that can be used to create kitchen countertops.  The average price for these types of countertops vary by the properties of the stone used to create them.  Marble is the most expensive and is rarely used for kitchen countertops because it is easily damaged, hard to clean, and requires a great deal of maintenance.  More commonly used types of natural stone include soapstone, granite, and several different varieties of slate.  The cost of countertops created from natural stone typically costs between $50 and $100 per square foot.

Engineered stone is the synthetic equivalent to natural stone and is used by many individuals that like the look of a stone countertop but would also like the color of the stone to be uniform.  Purchasing stone that is engineered is also an attractive option for individuals that may like to add other pieces at a later date, as the colors in natural stone tend to vary from place to place while the colors present in engineered stone remains the same.  The average cost of countertops created from engineered stone can range from $50 to $100 per square foot.One type of kitchen countertop that is quickly gaining in popularity is the countertop made out of concrete.  A concrete countertop is typically formed onsite by trained professionals and is considered one of the most easily customized type of kitchen countertop on the market today.  Once the countertop has been completed, it will typically be around 1 � to 2 inches thick and weigh a couple hundred pounds.  The typical cost for countertops made of concrete is around $100 per square foot.

If the homeowner likes the look of stainless steel in their home, they may want to look at stainless steel countertop options.  Countertops made out of stainless steel come in both smooth and brushed finishes, with the latter being duller but better able to hide nicks and scratches.  The biggest drawback to purchasing a stainless steel countertop for your home is that the countertop can be extremely noisy, especially when doing actions like chopping or mixing.  The cost of countertops made of stainless steel can range from $100 to $200 per square foot.

One of the least expensive options for a kitchen countertop is a laminate countertop.  Laminate countertops come in the widest range of colors and designs, making them a very attractive option for the average homeowner.  The new countertop can be matched to existing d�cor easily and requires very little maintenance on the part of the homeowner.  The average cost for countertops made of laminate can range from $10 to $50 per square foot. 

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