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Tips on Repairing a Scratched Soapstone Countertop E-mail
While no kitchen countertop material is likely to be completely scratch resistant, the soapstone surfaces are not easily scratched. But if you do notice that a scratch has occurred on your soapstone kitchen countertop, you should easily sand it out by using a120 grit sandpaper.  For instance, there will be no need for special equipment or professional help in order to deal with scratches on your soapstone counter as are necessary with other types of kitchen countertop materials such as granite. When it comes to scratches on granite surfaces, professional help is needed in order to take proper care of the problem with polishing equipment and professional sanding.
Here are some tips for you to use in order to repair your soapstone countertop, according to the size and depth of the scratch. The things you need are sandpaper, mineral oil, cotton hand towel and clear two-part epoxy.

  • The soapstone countertop will become scratched with its normal use and when its surface accumulates too many light scratches, you will have to simply buff the whole surface with a hand towel and mineral oil. Once you have rubbed the soapstone surface in, the oil will darken the whole surface thus adding to the natural patina of the soapstone. Also, any light blemishes will be hidden as well. You may also consider keeping your hand towel for reusing.
  • Stains or deep scratches will require sanding with medium-grit sandpaper. Mainly due to the softness of the soapstone, deep scratches will disappear with little effort. Once you have managed to sand away the deep scratches, you will have to move to some finer sandpaper until the whole repaired area of the soapstone counter matches the rest of its surface. Next, you will have to clean the surface of dust by using a dry towel. Also, you can vacuum this area. Applying a very light coat of oil is what comes next and you have to apply it until the repaired area becomes indistinguishable. You can use the same process for stains on the soapstone counter � just sand the whole stained area, clean it and rub it down with some mineral oil.
  • Chips can also occur in the case of the soapstone countertops � this material can chip if it is struck hard enough. When struck, the soapstone countertop will create small areas that must be replaced and in order to do this by yourself, you will need a similar soapstone piece and a two-part and clear epoxy you can purchase from almost every home center. Next, you will have to break all the loose pieces of the soapstone surface into some fine chips and have them mixed with epoxy. You will have to fill all the gaps in your soapstone countertop with this mixture. Allow it to dry by paying attention to the manufacturer�s instructions regarding the process. Once the epoxy is fully dried, you will have to sand, finish and oil this affected area by paying attention to all the tips provided above.
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