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If you are considering a soapstone countertop for your home, it would help to do a little research beforehand, so you know what your contractor and retailer are talking about during your consultation. The Internet is a great place to start. There are hundreds of articles on soapstone and soapstone countertops online, all providing very useful information. They are mostly written by manufacturers and customers alike, so you can be sure to get a balanced opinion. Here are some useful online articles to get you started.

Soapstone 101

This article provides a basic but thorough discussion on soapstone, including its history, composition, properties and common uses. It even has a brief question and answer portion at the end, which answers questions on soapstone’s absorbent properties and mineral oil applications.

Soapstone 202

This article offers you three regular maintenance methods you can use to maintain your soapstone countertop’s beauty and integrity. It discusses the best materials to use for cleaning a soapstone countertop, how stone sealers work on soapstone compared to granite and marble, and the best types of sandpaper to use with different types of damage.

Care and Maintenance

This article offers detailed yet simple step-by-step instructions on removing scratches from a soapstone countertop. It discusses the safest materials for removing scratches and some post-scratch maintenance tips. It also offers advice on preventing future cuts and scratches.

Soapstone countertop installation

This article offers a number of tips for avoiding mistakes when installing a soapstone countertop. It tells you how each slab should be properly transported, tips on cutting and finishing your own soapstone slabs, and some post-installation tips.

When installing a soapstone countertop

This article provides more detailed tips for soapstone countertop installation. Information includes how far should the slab of soapstone be from the wall and how you should cut the edges of your soapstone countertop. The whole article is in bullet form, so it will be easy to read.

Benefits of soapstone

This article outlines and explains the many benefits of a soapstone countertop over other countertop materials. If you are still in doubt, this article can convince you that a soapstone countertop is the best investment you can get for your home.

About soapstone

This article provides information about soapstone in general and explains why they are great as a countertop material. It goes over the most highly prized characteristics of soapstone, such as its softness, durability, and heat resistance. It also offers some design and selection tips.

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