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The Internet is a rich source of information on marble countertops. Listed below are some helpful websites and articles on marble countertops that you can check out.

This website gives you an overview of natural stones and the characteristics of the different natural stones used for countertops. It has information on how marble compares to other natural stones such as granite, limestone, slate, natural quartz, and soapstone, and how much you can expect to pay for a marble countertop. features general cleaning tips on maintaining your natural stone countertops and articles on different countertop options such as tile, hardwood, laminate, concrete, stainless steel, quartz surfacing, solid surfacing, and other specialty surfaces. It also has a section that gives you a materials comparison to help you decide on which countertop material to use. You can also get the latest on marble countertops and marble countertops manufacturers.

Stone Maintenance and Preservation Manual

This article is provided by P.B. Marble Services and talks about the preservation of your existing marble countertop. It gives a detailed and scientific account on how to maintain and preserve your marble. It is divided into 10 chapters, namely: stone history, reflectivity of stone, types of stone (including marble), hardness, stone names, understanding stone maintenance chemicals, types of surface texture, understanding PH balances, stone colors, and understanding stone maintenance.

Restoration and Polish

This article is provided by P.B. Marble Services as well. It talks about the restoration and polish of marble terrazzo limestone. It provides information on possible marble countertop problems such as scratches, cracks, dullness, stains, streaks, and peelings; the causes of each problem; and their solutions. It gives general directions on how to restore your marble countertop through grinding, crystallization, and polishing.

This website provides the latest designs and trends in marble countertops. It has a gallery of photos featuring the regional-award-winning countertop projects in the Contractor of the Year competition that was sponsored by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. You can find an article on enhancing and maintaining engineered stone and marble mixed with other materials in this website. It also talks about the advantages of getting a customized concrete countertop, its costs, and environmental benefits.

This is a question and answer article on the possibilities of changing the color of your marble countertops. offers a Q&A service that can answer all your marble countertops inquiries.
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