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Keep Your Kitchen Counters in Top Condition With Weiman Granite Wipes E-mail

Weiman Granite WipesOnce you've updated your kitchen décor with beautiful, modern countertops, it's important to take steps toward keeping them in top condition at all times. To keep your countertops looking their best, it's important to keep them clean and properly maintained at all times.

Weiman Granite Wipes are the perfect solution for keeping granite countertops free from stains while protecting their beautiful glossy finish. These specially formulated granite cleaning cloths are made with a non-abrasive formula that removes stains and grease, while leaving a protective coating.  

You can also use Weiman Granite Wipes to clean and condition any hard surfaces throughout your home. They work very well on bathroom countertops, floors, and backsplashes.

Just as countertops are available in many different materials, each type of surface has its own specific requirements for cleaning and maintenance. If you have granite counter tops, it's very important to use cleaning products designed especially for granite surfaces.

You can find Weiman Granite Wipes at Target stores, as well as a number of select grocers and retailers. The suggested retail price for a canister of 30 Weiman Granite Wipes is $4.99

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