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Bring Luxurious Pewter Countertops Into Your Kitchen D�cor E-mail
Pewter CountertopAre you looking for the ultimate in elegant kitchen décor? Why not outfit the most used room in your home with strikingly beautiful handcrafted pewter kitchen countertops. Made by skilled artisans in the Normandy region of France, these amazingly beautiful countertops by La Cornue are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

You've likely seen pewter countertops in cafes, bars, and other dining establishments around the world. It's not difficult to bring the same elegance into the decorating scheme of your own kitchen. These striking kitchen countertops are lead free, made from an alloy that is a combination of tin (90 percent) and antimony (10 percent).

The surface is completely safe for food preparation, making them an ideal choice for home kitchen countertops. You can select from among a number of different edge styles, and these stylish counters can easily be wiped clean with mild soap and water. Pewter countertops will acquire a natural patina over time, meaning that they will develop a unique glow and luster that can enhance the décor of your home for years, or even decades, to come. If you want to keep the original shine intact, simply use mineral soap when the counters need washing rather than other types of cleansing agents.

La Cornue countertops are not mass marketed, but are available through high end showrooms and distributors throughout the world For example, Geneva Cabinet Company ( the only outlet in the Midwest region of the United States that can help consumers with picking, custom fitting and installing La Cornue pewter countertops.
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