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How to get samples of concrete countertops? E-mail
Concrete countertop samples can be obtained in a number of ways. They can be obtained from professional builders and resellers. Clients have the option of visiting showrooms and getting the samples personally or by sending their requests through registered mail. A faster and more efficient way of obtaining samples is by visiting a manufacturer's website online. This allows the clients who live far from the manufacturers' showrooms and offices to get samples for a certain fee.

Some manufacturers give away free samples of their products especially to interested clients that they have already met. However, most manufacturers and resellers ask a certain fee in exchange for their samples. Factory-made samples can cost from $25 to $50 while custom color samples can go as high as $150. The fees usually include the cost of the product sample cost and shipping and handling fee if the samples are going to be mailed to the clients. These fees are minimal and are worth paying for to get authentic concrete countertop samples compared to just looking at the samples online or in a catalog.

Getting concrete countertop samples directly from builders

Professional builders have showrooms spread out all over the country. Visiting the showrooms allow clients to directly interact with the builders and request for samples. The builders normally offer samples of their concrete countertops to interested clients as a way to promote their product line and to entice clients to get their services for their countertop construction.

Aside from being just a promotional scheme, countertop samples are given to clients to help them choose which countertop would look best in their kitchen. The samples gives the clients a preview of what their countertops would look and feel like, making it easier for them to decide.

Getting concrete countertop samples directly from resellers

Resellers carry different brands of concrete countertops. More often than not, the clients who have no access to direct builders go to resellers to get a variety countertop samples. Getting samples from resellers allow the clients to have several choices of countertops made by different local or foreign manufacturers. These samples can be obtained directly from the resellers and are usually given out for free.

Getting concrete countertop samples through registered mail

For clients who live far from direct builders or resellers choose to get countertop samples through registered mail. They only need the builder's office or showroom address to send the request to. The builders' contact information can be obtained from local business directories, resellers, or from the Internet. The advantage of getting countertop samples through the mail is that builders can include some brochures along with the samples. The clients can use them to compare the products and services offered by different builders.

Getting concrete countertop samples online

Concrete countertop samples can be obtained from the builders' or resellers' websites. These websites normally have sections where clients can request for samples by providing their name, address, and desired product specifications. By requesting samples online, clients do not need to travel far to get to a builder or a reseller. Samples can be requested within the comforts of their home for a minimal shipping and handling fee.
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